Aesthetic Appreciation and Creation

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About This Course 

This course not only explains aesthetics and aesthetic education theory, but also analyzes the phenomenon and form of beauty. It aims to help students understand aesthetic ideal and interest, cultivate their aesthetic care, and increase their aesthetic knowledge and improve their aesthetic accomplishment and quality in this "journey of beauty". The course consists of ten parts:

The first chapter aims to inspire students' thinking and stimulate them to love beauty and want to pursue beauty, appreciate beauty, create beauty and convey beauty.

The second chapter is about the origin and context of theoretical knowledge and development of Chinese and Western aesthetics and aesthetic education, then forming the basic theoretical framework and theoretical background;

Chapter 3 to chapter 12, take specific forms of artistic expression as examples, such as calligraphy, poetry, tea art, painting, sculpture, artifacts, architecture, city, music, dance and so on ,in order to improve students' aesthetic appreciation ability, to grasp the method of art appreciation, to shape perfect personality, guide students to have lofty spiritual pursuit, and achieve a beautiful life and a beautiful university.

The course is taught in English with bilingual subtitles and more than 110 lecture videos plus several practical videos. As a supplement to the course content, the actual operation video vividly presents the contents of the class and increases the interest of learning.

This course is aimed at a wide range of audiences, including Chinese university students, international students in China, and people from all walks of life who are interested in aesthetics and aesthetic education.


"People should not only appreciate the beauty that created by themselves but also be tolerant with the beauty created by others. The combination of various beauties blesses the world harmonious.

Course Staff

Qiu Jing  Professor of the School of Art and Design of Nanchang University, senior arts and crafts artist, doctoral supervisor, famous teacher of ideological and political teaching in the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, expert of national vocational skills appraisal proposition, member of China Fashion Designers Association, member of China Fashion Color Association, judge of Jiangxi Professional and Technical Qualification Evaluation Committee, ideological and cultural creative expert of the Propaganda Department of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee, member of Jiangxi Provincial Art Education Committee, member of the "1% Project" Fund Council, leader of high-level undergraduate teaching team in Jiangxi Province, and famous teacher of Nanchang University.

Tao Jingyu,female,School of Humanities, Nanchang University. Her research interests include linguistics and cultural management. She participated in several national and provincial projects. She has two years of overseas Chinese teaching experience and has won many honors. She won the title of "Excellent Instructor" in Jiangxi Provincial Chinese Language Competition for Foreign Students for four times.She has published many academic papers and written many Chinese (English) textbooks for international students.

Jiang Mayi, male, professor, doctor of literature, doctoral supervisor, young backbone teacher of colleges and universities in Jiangxi Province, mainly engaged in the teaching and research of basic theories and criticisms of literature and art. He has presided over the completion of a number of national provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, published more than ten academic papers, and published many monographs and translations.

Peng Diyun, Ph.D. in Management, is a second-level professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Economics and Management, Nanchang University, whose main research areas are macroeconomics and policy, regional and industrial economic management, corporate strategic management and international business management. A lover of traditional Chinese culture and management wisdom, a college student innovation and entrepreneurship guidance teacher, and a think tank expert.

Fu Yan, master's degree in France, many years of overseas teaching experience, is now working at Nanchang University. He has participated in a number of provincial and ministerial projects, compiled textbooks and published many papers.

Nie Jing presided over two school-level education reform projects, participated in a number of provincial education reform projects, participated in the compilation of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" textbook "Systematic Anatomy", and published a paper on education reform. He has published more than ten academic papers in various journals such as InternationalImmunopharmacology, Journal of Neuroanatomy, Chinese Journal of Clinical Anatomy, and Journal of Anatomy. He has presided over the Scientific Research Fund Course of the Department of Education of Jiangxi Province and the Youth Fund Project of the Department of Health, and participated in a number of National Natural Science Foundation projects and provincial nature fund projects as the main participants.

Li Ming,Doctor of Art Engineering, Professor, Head of National First-class Professional Construction Site, Director of Provincial Industrial Design Center, Dean of School of Art, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. The "four batches" of talents and discipline leaders in Jiangxi Province were selected into the first batch of "100 Talents Plan" (2015) and the University Excellent Academic Talents Support Program (2013). He is a member of the Expert Committee of the International Digital Creativity Research Institute, the vice chairman of the Creative China Design Alliance, the deputy director of the Academic and Education Committee of the China Building Decoration Association, the executive director of the China Art Discipline Graduate Education Alliance, the member of the Landscape and Beautiful China Construction Committee of the China Urban Science Research Association, and the director of the China Industrial Design Association.

Qi Zhu ,EDUCATION :Cornell University, USA,Visiting Scholar 08/2019-12/2020
Nanchang University 09/2005-01/2008 ,Master’s Degree in Art Nanchang, Jiangxi Nanchang University 09/2001-09/2005 ,Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication Nanchang, Jiangxi,WORK EXPERIENCE :Industrial Design Department, Nanchang University 09/2011-Present ,Vice Dean, Architectural Product Teaching & Research Section Nanchang, Jiangxi ,MONOGRAPH & PAPER :Study on Origin Effect of Ethnic Culture in National Residential Architecture Design, Guizhou Ethnic Studies 52-1001/C, by Qi Zhu 01/2016 ,Teaching Exploration & Analysis of Product Design Based on the Green Concept —Comment on Methodology of Product Design, Journal of The Chinese Society of Education 11-2606/G4, by Qi Zhu 12/2016 ,Study on Sculpture Art & Style Changing of Buddha, Monograph, Harbin Map Publishing House 2015